Business and Management training:
A day with Joan in all areas of Business and management training.
Joan can travel to your salon or you can come to us. You can also now train online.

Get Your Salon the Prescription it REALLY Needs.

Who needs The Salon Doctor Training?

We all do.. If I had this service around when I started up in 2004, I would not have made all the mistakes I did… Business can be so hard, lonely and challenging however it can also be so much fun and so rewarding. I fully believe that we should all support each other in the industry and I am on hand for that. 

The Salon Doctor Tailor made personalised exclusive consultant programme can cover whatever you need. 


  • I offer a 30 minute Free Consultation with you, where we discuss business, where you are , where you want to be.
  • From that I then design your tailor made personalised programme for your salon, budget and needs.
  • When I visit your salon I will induct this to you, your manager or your team, whoever you feel needs it.
  • This usually covers all management and business tools,methods, strategies you require to have a more effective salon, more time off and more enjoyment within the running of your business.
  • I simplify all and deliver it in a very down to earth, real and fun way.
  • This can be a 1 or 2 day programme. You can also view our workshops and pick and choose 3 you want to cover for your one day programme.

Additional mentoring experience: 

  1. I am also available for you , to support, help and advise you in any area that you may need, after I have worked with you.
  2. I offer monthly coaching and skill and team building workshops.
  3. I can conduct a follow up Health check after any course to ensure all staff are following my methods and progressing.
  4. I can conduct a mystery shopper experience for you where your team may or may not know I am arriving and I will have a treatment and conduct a in depth salon health check along with giving a report back to you in person or via email.

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FREE Consultation

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How did I do it?

The passion I have for business and love for what I do and the self-belief in myself and my brand kept me positive and going and I got support and help from re-educating myself in Business, and management along with my skill. As a hairdresser/barber or beauty therapist, we love to create but with business, comes so much more and trying to find the balance can be hard.. I had to find help – and it was at times hard to find! 


I can work with you in your salon on a 1 –  2 day programme, you can come to me, or I can be on hand via phone and email to help and assist. We can mix and match our workshop content for this or you can inform me what areas you want covered and I can design the programme to suit this. This makes it exclusive to you and your needs.

What my clients say

I have worked with Joan on a number of business classes in a local women in business group we formed and her knowledge is outstanding, from her understanding of business and management to implementing these into salons to help them is just amazing. I feel Joan is real, down to earth and makes it fun while engaging with the people she is working with. The methods and techniques we all learn from her workshops helped our businesses so much and I would highly recommend you to speak with her on what she offers and how her methods and training can help you, your salon and your team.

Clare Clevett / ZEAL Creative Ltd

“ I sent one of my trainee stylists to Joan to finish off her cutting training on Allures Advanced cutting course and am absolutely delighted with the training Megan received. Its given her the confidence to now cut on the salon floor and I got reports from Joan of Megan's Progress every day she attended the course. Great service Thanks to Joan and the Team. 

Eternal Flair

“ Wow Thank you so much, You got so much covered, and I am 100% Sure that this will help me with the running of the business and with the managers in their roles. I am going to put a few of my hairdressing friends on to you as I think everyone needs a “ Joan “ In their life!!!!

Ruby Reds
Time management

Tailor Made Programme:

This exclusive personalised programme is designed solely for you and your salon/team to work on all areas you require and I will offer more value within that.


  • Do you want to manage your team, finance, business more effectively but you feel lost, stuck or unsure where to start?
  • Do you want to be more productive, make more money and have structure on your salon and business along with your self and your team?
  • Do you want to have more time out from the business and find your work/life balance ?
  • Do you feel your mangers need professional expert training within their role, as coming from a stylist to a manager is a huge leap for them and it is all new to them,  a few hours with me can re think and re structure their minds and your business.
  • Where do You Start ?
  • 1) You can email me on in confidence and explain your areas you need help and training with ? From this I can design a full days content in training to suit this.
  • 2) You can pick 4 Workshops from our workshop tab and we can cover these with you only more tailored to suit you.

A full day with Joan in your salon or her college = €650.00.

Finishing off course

Salon Health Check:

  • After a tailored made programme with your salon, Joan can come back to you for only €150.00 to conduct a salon health check, usually 2 – 3 months after her training with you/manager.
  • This is to check how everyone is getting on and how the methods are being used, and to help guide and support further if needed. 
  • This Health check is an optional day.

Cost: €150.00 for 3 hours.

** I can also issue a salon health check to any salon who has not used me yet within my programmes/workshops, to assess your salon and teams conduct, ethos, appearance, standard and client care.

Mystery Shopper:

  • Do you feel your Team are slacking when you are not there?
  • You are worried on their conduct and standard ?
  • You feel out of your depth with your team and you need a new feel and training around the salon ? and you wish to hire Joan as a mystery shopper to help aid your salon and productivity and she will give a full report back to you, your manager or team ?
  • Your team can be aware or not aware on Joan’s arrival. Joan can work directly with your team, or she can have a treatment done by your team and report back to you only or can go in and assess as a qualified assessor and give a report there and then to you or the team.

Cost: €250.00  plus the Treatment if Joan is having one done.

Monthly coaching and mentoring with the salon doctor:

You can hire Joan to guide, support educate and train you monthly and monitor progress. You can avail of her professional advice on a monthly basis.

  • Work with Joan  for one to one coaching, covering whatever problem areas you want to cover within your salon. I can advise and conduct a salon audit for you also.
  • I will take you through an exclusive programme developed over years in the Salon industry and having worked with some of the hardest and best leaders in the salon industry. 
  • This can be a 2 , 4 or  6 month programme and will start with a thorough review/audit of where you are currently at, salon mystery shoppers to identify weak spots & then goal setting and target setting to where you want to be.
  • Over the course of the programme, we will focus on different areas and communicate with a mixture of face to face in salon meetings, & fortnightly phone calls (every 2 weeks). We will also communicate via email to track progress. 
  • At ” The Salon Doctor” We are here to help and be there for you.

Cost: Price on Quotation Depending on the Owner and salon needs.